The Foil Man short Up on Burnettwork

Submitted for the First Annual Intergalactic Imagination Connoisseurs Film Festival is a just-under five minute short I knocked off this month in time for the event. The deadline is December First. The Foil Man features myself as the “actor.” Just using the principle of using what you have on hand.

The Intergalactic Imagination Connoisseurs’ Film Festival

There is an interesting new festival with few guidelines looking for content, mostly shorts but perhaps longer. I would throw some less-seen shorts of mine there but they have to be premieres. It would still get more eyes on a short than your own personal platform of channel. I am considering making something new.

It is run by Robert Meyer Burnett who directed a movie called Free Enterprise that featured William Shatner and has this great Shakespeare rap set piece, which is a great example of a concept floated in a movie as “crazy” that turns out to be very entertaining as executed.