The Intergalactic Imagination Connoisseurs’ Film Festival

There is an interesting new festival with few guidelines looking for content, mostly shorts but perhaps longer. I would throw some less-seen shorts of mine there but they have to be premieres. It would still get more eyes on a short than your own personal platform of channel. I am considering making something new.

It is run by Robert Meyer Burnett who directed a movie called Free Enterprise that featured William Shatner and has this great Shakespeare rap set piece, which is a great example of a concept floated in a movie as “crazy” that turns out to be very entertaining as executed.

Twitchy Twitter, Tribes and Fans

This video should play as cued, from 2:09:28 where Robert Meyer Burnett (Free Enterprise) reads a letter of support I submitted regarding the mess of knee-jerk reactions people on Twitter had to one of his tweets about the riots.

For what it’s worth, a lot of us have chimed in to acknowledge how easy it is for imprecise wording can trigger some and cause allies to run away.

Customer Service

(Edited to add.  I noticed that the title of this post was replaced with “Untitled.” Maybe it stirred something controversial.  Maybe I used a brand or tabu word?  I forget.

Also, recently Kathleen Kennedy of Lucasflm has been quoted as saying (Hear-say, mind you), “Why should we give the 50 year old fans what they expect.  We should focus on the newer fans.”  She has also supposedly said of The Mandalorian upcoming seasons, “If I don’t get my way I will burn down this silly nonsense.”

The natural answer from the once built-in fanbase would be, “burning something down after you have personally already killed it is not much of a threat.”   The word circulating (as of late May 2020) is that despite  Temuera Morrison (Attack of the Clones) coming back to play Boba Fett, Kennedy wanted/wants the character to be revealed as a woman once the helmet comes off.  The cheat would be to have Boba in flashback crawl out of the sarlacc pit from Return of the Jedi and then collapse in the sand and die so that a character from Rebels (Sabine) finds him and salvages his armor and gizmos. This then would be the springboard for the otherwise undescribed “female-driven” project Kennedy and year-long Harvey Weinstien assistant Leslye Headland has leaked to Variety behind the back of Bob Iger to get “Twitter” enflamed. End of edit.)

A facebook page asked the question of “what should we do” about “toxic fandom?” This will be short:

The concept of “angry fandom” is a mislead. It is a distraction. Don’t be fooled. The idea that fans (AKA the once built-in audience) is the problem makes no sense.

There are hardcore U2 fans for 30 years that can speak at length about why they don’t like the newer songs or which albums were the best. To be informed and deep dive into any brand is to also intimately know its flaws.

I’m a first generation Star Wars fan and I can still respect the Original Trilogy even if I don’t see much to respect in the follow-ups. I can love Terminator and T2 and be annoyed that Cameron decided to kill off the point of those earlier films. And that irritation is not something to shade with pathology.

If movies are a delivery device for clumsy social messaging, that shows a disrespect for all of the other elements that go into good storytelling. Toxic this and toxic this and man babies…. all part of a playbook for spin and misdirection. It is about big money movie studios with huge marketing budgets for tent pole projects punching down at the average potential moviegoer, sometimes with a dash of gas lighting to make a percentage of audience members afraid of speaking up against what is being pushed, the movie or the blind preemptive insults from actors, writers or directors who promote the myth of the truly racist, sexist, homophobic troll who is the only sort of person who would respond to Ghostbusters 2016 (sometimes marketed as Answer the Call, except in the movie itself where it is still just called Ghostbusters) or who would dare celebrate Jason Reitman reverting to the continuity of the 1980’s iteration that actually had a built in fan base, possibly Generation X but also built from decades of home video formats and releases and a cartoon series featuring the original characters.  It must be a horrible misanthrope who would dare prefer the pre-Disney novels of the Extended Universe, like Heir to the Empire, as opposed to an appropriation of Luke Skywalker that would creep up to his sleeping nephew to possibly kill him and then to opt out of any positive action he could contribute because now he believes all good actions will be greeted with an equally opposite reaction in a galaxy far, far away so why bother fighting the good fight.

The way to deal with “angry fans” is make note of their market feedback, and avoid characterizing them politically. Because some Coke fans hated New Coke, and some are knowledgeable enough to say the New Coke/ Coke Classic was a marketing genius strategy to disguise the switch from cane sugar to corn syrup. Right now we have entered the corn syrup age of cinema.