Ending: Time, Output and Return

This blog domain is due to expire in a month. It looks like I will not renew for another couple of years despite the release of typing up my thoughts or maybe promoting a link to something I’ve done or that is worth listening to.

The layout of these WordPress blogs is just fine. No complaints there. But I also do have to ask myself whether the time should just be put into my own creative writing. Most of these blog posts have now been copied and pasted into a word file for safekeeping or in case I have the burst of ego to publish that as part of a book.

I might still post things on my old Jawsphobia blog via Blogger on Google. But even that will be combed through to salvage whatever rants might still hold up. I wanted to certainly keep a record of how certain projects of mine came together and what may have gone wrong, making lemonade from the lemons of experience. I did that, but I also see that the numbers of clicks I get are not matching the kicks I get out of some of the blogging here.

Some people have a social media team and build these things up. It is unfortunate that the expiry of a domain or links are part of no longer renewing. You would think a link is a link and it will stay up. But given that we are told that is not the case, I would rather not put more time in generating content only to have it blocked or erased as the case may be once the renewal window elapses.

If you have followed this blog for inspiration on your own projects, I wish you the very best of luck. Definitely keep up your own writing and shoot when you can, even if you only have ten minutes to grab something. Those opportunities add up.

Have fun but don’t relax too much. You will be fifty and still making movies where you press record and then step in front of the camera to act. LOL.

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Filmmaker, from North Bay, Ontario, currently in Toronto. Graduated from Humber Film and TV Production in the Nineties. Made countless short films.

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